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As well as this website, we also have a forum on Facebook. The forum was set up to allow us to share ideas and information, support one another and also keep each other up to date with the various benefits and grants, many of which aren’t highly publicised. It is a closed private forum as we strongly felt it is so important for parents and carers to be able to post freely, safe in the knowledge that their comments can only be seen by other members.

New members are very warmly welcomed and our only criteria is that you must be in receipt of DLA - this is so we know all our members are, to some degree, ‘in the same boat’ and therefore will not unfairly judge the challenges faced by other members. If you would like to join our Facebook group and do meet the criteria, please let us know by completing the ‘contact us’ section..

Mrs Jennifer Walker

Benefits and Grants

please check out the service and links on here




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Some comments from moms that have used this site and our facebook forum

this group is great when im having a down day i come on because so many people on here are so positive and have very kind words


Since struggling to come to terms with my daughters disabilities 'love the way I am' has become a lifeline for both financial and emotional support. I am now aware of several hidden benefits that have helped both us as a family and my daughter.
this group has made me feel less alone i felt so alone alot of the time intill i joined this group pl on here are so nice and understanding.this group has helped me to understand and come to terms with my daughters disabilities.i now feel like i have somewhere i can go to when im having a down day thank you to everyone in this group
I put this group together to share info but most importantly of all for me was to chat to people like me who know the true meaning of a bad day and not to be judged but understood. I never believed we would still be here today, every day I am amazed by the advice and support everyone shares even though we all have our own stresses and strains of every day life everyone will always find time to support others. I love the fact that we are a closed private group and people feel comfortable to let loose and download on here away from familiy and friends . Think it was Karen that said "make yourself at home" to a new member and I loved that I felt so proud to be part of this group. I would never say to anyone "this is my group" as its not I have always said this group belongs to all of us and I will always believe that.


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over 370 members on the private facebooke page

 messages on Q & A every week

a lot more people getting the info and help they 


we have found the following that you may or may not be 

claiming these hidden extras that you could be entitled to 

(subject to eligibility),
To start with:
1 - You may be entitled to a discount on your council tax 

2 - C+1 Bus Pass: your child plus a companion can 

travel free on all buses in county 24/7
3 - Cinema card: if you accompany your child to the 

cinema with a CEA card the carer goes in free so you 

Only pay for the child

4 – Libraries: claim a disabled persons library card you 

get to hire 2 DVDs or x box games, audio tapes etc. free
5 - Family fund
6 - Merlin’s Magic Wand
7 - Caudwell Trust
8 - Carers allowance/DLA/tax credits
9 - Income dependant possible £120 of your electric bill

 and possible removal and replacement (free) of any white 

goods in your kitchen if they are more than 5 years old
10 - Personal communication passports (PCP), if your

 child is starting a new school, hospital visit etc., a PCP 

will help to explain everything about your child
11 - Fast track entry to many major attractions
12 - Free delivery of any medications required for your

13 - Carers assessment
14 - Schemas in young children 
15 - Flu jab free to all carers
16 - Emergency high priority for energy supplies

  17 - Radar keys
18 - Toys for younger autistic children

19 - DFG Grants http://www.skybadger.co.uk/section/home_time/mobility


that are enough for now as I think your heads may explode with overload of information!
Anything you’re not sure of please inbox me or post on our wall and someone will direct you in the right way.
I don’t want anyone missing out on what is rightfully due to them, all the stuff no one tells you about!
Certain sports centres offer free swimming for carers but call beforehand to make sure they offer this


So I would like to thank all the members for their help, advice and just for being on here when others need you. Thank you all members, old and new!  

The DLA roll out A must read for anyone who is getting or is tring to apply for DLA



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